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New si200 body-worn video camera integrated with
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Are your current digital evidence technologies completely and seamlessly integrated?
The new Si200 body-worn camera, part of the Motorola Solutions end-to-end digital evidence ecosystem, is designed for the rugged needs of first responders.

The Si200 integrates seamlessly with CommandCentral Vault for a complete digital evidence management solution that enables agencies to efficiently and securely manage content and ensure successful prosecutions from capture to judicial sharing.
Accelerate your path to completely unified digital evidence today.

Expect more from your digital evidence
technology with an all-in-one system

Experience consolidated digital evidence
with integrated si200 and commandcentral vault

With the increasing importance of video evidence in court, it’s critical that you have a simple and secure way to capture and manage it.

Experience the power of the Si200 body-worn camera integrated with CommandCentral Vault:

Commandcentral vault

Si200 body-worn
video camera

Purpose-Built Design: Compact, rugged, lightweight, and made to withstand the elements and tough conditions

Get the Picture: High-resolution camera, low light recording, simple controls and up to 2 minutes pre-buffering

Know Where it Happened: Integrated GPS location services correlated with relevant information from CAD and RMS once uploaded into CommandCentral Vault

Stay on the Streets: Extended 12+ hours battery life, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and a secure mobile application for live viewing, tagging and playback

Protect the Truth: Integrated with CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software for secure capture, upload and storage

Quickly Review Case Evidence: Save administrative time and resources by reviewing case evidence quicker and more efficiently with intelligent features and controls

Simplify Content Maintenance: With access to all content consolidated and intelligently correlated, general maintenance is simplified for your operations

File Sharing: Send digital evidence directly to judicial partners, the public or other agencies to expedite investigations and discovery

Next-Generation Record: Aggregate all incident and record information together into a single experience for quicker, easier review and sharing

Cost Effectiveness: Completely eliminate the cost of buying and maintaining on-premise infrastructure and benefit from predictable subscription pricing

Purchase a 5-year commandcentral vault subscription

Receive a free si200 body-worn video camera

Combine all of your digital evidence and management workflows together, into a single system, with CommandCentral Vault.
Vault ensures that when it’s needed, evidence can be found and prepared quickly, so that people and cases keep moving.

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For over 90 years, Motorola Solutions has armed law enforcement officials with mission-critical communication solutions to help them better serve and protect. Our digital evidence ecosystem is no different and is designed to help keep officers and the public safe, improve operations and ultimately strengthen community trust.

Capture the truth with the si200 body-worn camera

With its simple controls, high-resolution camera and rugged design, the Si200 makes capturing the evidence easy so you can protect the truth.

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Consolidate digital evidence with commandcentral vault

See how to seamlessly access and manage all of your digital evidence from one place to build and close cases more efficiently.

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Experience the digital evidence ecosystem

Our digital evidence ecosystem is designed to seamlessly work together to help keep officers and the public safe, improve operations and ultimately strengthen community trust.

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Digital evidence security:
from capture to courtroom

Preserve evidence securely from capture to courtroom with an end-to-end digital evidence system.

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An integrated workflow enables the agency to quickly find content, process it appropriately and share it with judicial partners while preserving evidence confidently.

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