Ensure justice is achieved with digital evidence management FOR PROSECUTORS

Today’s prosecutors must have extensive knowledge of how to investigate crimes involving technology and managing and presenting digital evidence in court so that it can be effectively used. Explore CommandCentral Vault, a cloud-based digital evidence management solution, that intelligently organizes all of the photos, videos, audio files, and more that your office collects, making them easier to search, manage, analyze and share. Download the brief and learn how to:

  • Simplify Content Management: Minimize the burden of managing new video, images and more by universally managing it all from one place.
  • Quickly Review Case Evidence: Leverage specific digital evidence relevant to an incident and the tools to identify valuable information and successfully close cases.
  • Seamlessly Share & Collaborate: Ensure the proper criminal justice outcomes are achieved while maintaining transparency by easily sharing files with full chain of custody intact.
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