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Public Safety Coming to Life

At Motorola Solutions, customers come visit and explore all our technology first hand in one location. Our goal is to make sure our customers have the opportunity to have this experience, whether it’s in person or virtual.

Step inside the Experience Center to see how next generation technology is solving public safety challenges today and innovating for tomorrow. Whether in person or online, explore the Experience Center to witness public safety solutions in action.

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Accessibility is Critical: Designing with Diversity

Motorola Solutions is committed to accessibility so that anyone can use our technologies in the moments that matter. Whether designers are taking into account gender, color blindness, or situational disability on the field, Motorola Solutions puts inclusivity at the forefront.



Customize Speed and Data Capacity With Private LTE

Whether its ability to provide fast and secure data capacity is being used by school districts or by law enforcement, see how Nitro offers broadband speed and coverage in the moments that matter to each unique community.



Quick Response in The Moments That Matter: Amber Alerts

When responding to an Amber alert, every second counts. See how Motorola Solutions technology can save time in the most critical moments.



Protect Citizens during Large Events and Disasters

Large scale incidents or disasters are moments where critical communication needs to be rapid and seamless. See how Motorola Solutions technology provides avenues for multiple agencies to connect through interoperability.




Streamline Response Efforts: Private Public Partnership

For an incident like a local robbery, members of the community can use technology to aid law enforcement. See how working with the public can streamline response efforts and save critical evidence.



Enhance Trust and Transparency: Video Evidence in Every Situation

Body worn cameras and In Car camera systems are essential wherever transparency is valued. With Record-After-the-Fact, agencies can ensure that, even in the most intense moments, video footage is never lost.

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