The Route to Unified Team Communications

2017 Motorola Solutions Transportation & Logistics Communications Survey Report

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Download the complimentary multimodal survey report and learn what peers in industries like rail, trucking, air, marine shipping and warehousing/distribution shared.

Download the complimentary multimodal survey report
  • Key priorities for key segments of the T&L industry including rail, trucking, air, marine shipping and warehousing/distribution
  • How teams are communicating today across each mode of the industry
  • Top challenges, key priorities and investments for today and tomorrow
  • How unified communications are helping boost on-time delivery, efficiency and safety
  • Steps to enabling seamless collaboration from any location, network or device

400+ respondents representing 5 MAJOR INDUSTRY SEGMENTS

Industry Segment

  • Warehousing/distributionWarehousing/distribution33%
  • Over-the-road/truckingOver-the-road/trucking29%
  • Airline/airportAirline/airport21%
  • Rail/intermodalRail/intermodal12%
  • Shipping line/sea portShipping line/sea port6%

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Information Technology

Job Function


Information Technology

Unifying Workgroup Communications Key Priority for Transportation & Logistics