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A large multi-purpose stadium in the US is the popular site for many professional games, college games and live concerts. When it came time for them to bench their current analog radio system, the stadium turned to digital communications to provide instant communications to all it’s team members.

Stepping up to the plate to improve audio clarity on game days, enhance productivity otherwise hindered by restricted ranges, and increase visibility of radio performance - the stadium needed a completed unified team communications solution. To meet this challenge, the they decided to upgrade their existing radios to a digital MOTOTRBO system for improved coverage and audio clarity. To extend their team communications to non-radio users through their preferred device, the stadium turned to WAVE OnCloud to ensure all critical information was able to reach those that needed to be in the know. Rounding out the solution, the stadium also deployed performance management software, GW3-TRBO, which allows personnel to monitor, manage and report on MOTOTRBO network activity from a single location.

This unified Team Communications solution enables every team member to instantly communicate from anywhere. Download the use case to experience how this large stadium empowered its employees, so they can be instantly accessible and operate as a unified team to better serve all stadium guests.

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