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The Digital Oilfield, Covered from Deck to Shore

Sources: IDC Energy Insights, May 2013 – Reducing Risk in Oil and Gas Operations;

Every second counts when averting disaster. A digital oil rig helps drive better and faster decisions that can make all the difference. Efficient wireless voice and data communications help workers offshore and onshore securely reach out and be reached - so emergency calls get to the right person immediately upon recognition of an issue. Take the interactive tour and discover how the Mission Critical Internet of Things (MC-IoT) from Motorola Solutions can make all the difference in the moments that matter most.

Sources: IDC Energy Insights, May 2013 – Reducing Risk in Oil and Gas Operations;


Digital Oilfield Digital Oilfield
9:13:36: Crew Member Makes Emergency Call

9:13:36: Crew Member Makes Emergency Call

Ensure emergency calls from the platform are immediately received and given high priority by the control room operator and the Offshore Installation Manager. With Preemptive priority calling, emergency calls take precedence over all other types that are being made simultaneously. Calls can be made by supervisors and other key personnel, so crucial operational information is always relayed without delay.

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9:13:36: Radio ID And Fleet Maps Harmonized For Rig Personnel

9:13:36: Radio ID And Fleet Maps Harmonized For Rig Personnel

Having a team with harmonized radio IDs and fleet maps is imperative to averting any crisis. With Remote Terminal Management, the software and configurations of every radio terminal can be governed remotely from one central location. Once all radios and fleet maps have been harmonized using the ACE3600 remote terminal management, a control room operator can recognize the crew member’s radio and capture the incident details.

ACE 3600 Data Sheet
9:14:16: PTT Call To Alert Facility Personnel

9:14:16: Siren Activation System To Alert Facility Personnel

Via integration of the radio system with the oil rig’s Public Address and General Alarm, an Offshore Installation Manager can circumvent the unthinkable by activating alarms and making a PA announcement via his radio. Emergency scenarios such as oil spills can be preconfigured in the system and can be automatically activated in response to such emergency incidents.

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9:15:01: Emergency Shutdown Activated

9:15:01: Emergency Shutdown Activated

Control room operators can activate an emergency shutdown via an ACE3600 RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and can take additional steps to control the source of a potential leak before it occurs. By relying on Motorola’s proven Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, oil rigs can operate more intelligently across all organizations. Keeping all oil rig sensors connected enhances productivity and safety.

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9:16:21: Notify Onshore Duty Emergency Coordinator

9:16:21: Notify Onshore Duty Emergency Coordinator

When it comes to speed during a state of an emergency, nothing is faster than PTT. WAVE™, a unified Push-to-Talk application, allows for always-on communication for faster response across all networks and all devices in the moments that matter. Thus, Offshore Installation Managers can connect to any on-duty Emergency Coordinator’s desktop client immediately in an emergency.

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9:16:21: Notify Onshore Duty Emergency Coordinator

9:17:04: Alert And Activate Emergency Response Team

With automated notification, all or parts of a team can be put on notice simply by one push of a button. To alert and activate emergency response teams, the notification system can send messages to the spill management teams, immediately mobilizing Backup Tier 2 resources.

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10:49:15: Incident Logs Collated

10:49:15: Incident Logs Collated for Analysis

On closure of an emergency situation, logs of voice traffic can be securely stored for post-incident analysis. Analyzing a major emergency after the fact is critical to understanding how well you, your organization and outside agencies responded and recovered from the event. And with the energy sector being one of the most vulnerable industries to cyber attacks, you can ensure your incident logs are resilient of potential cyber threats.

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