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Communicate instantly.
Collaborate immediately.
That’s the Power of NOW.

Many communications solutions let you talk & text, share images & locations and send orders & safety alerts. The difference is that Team Communications from Motorola Solutions lets you do all of them from any device — in real time — at the press of a button.


Without instant communications,
every second is time lost.

The Power Of Now

Your Current Communications Work Fine.
But At What Cost?

Keeping up with business today means operating at the speed of NOW. From workers and teams to customers and vendors, that's how fast things need to happen. Right now. Next generation devices and software only go so far. But when they're NOW Generation, everything is instantly impacted by real-time Push-to-Communicate solutions.

One button. That is all it takes to connect your teams across your networks and devices — from two-way radios to smartphones, laptops and tablets. Once you start pushing voice, text, data, location coordinates, work order tickets and more, you can push productivity and collaboration to new heights. That is The Power of NOW from Motorola Solutions Team Communications.

Nothing Is Faster Than
Right NOW In Unified Workgroup Communications

A leak needs immediate attention. Cargo is sent to the wrong location. A large group of hotel guests check in earlier than expected. When communications are slow, business slows. Push-to-Communicate with voice and data changes that by connecting people, applications and machines instantly for informed decisions and optimized operations. Here’s how:

Unity without boundaries

Communicate Instantly…

Arm front-line and field workers with operations-critical radio products, built for professional and commercial split-second communications.

Real issues demand real-time collaboration

Without Boundaries…

On-site or off-site, management, frontline workers and field teams are always in touch with WAVE Work Group Communications.

Applications with purpose

With Added Intelligence

Use purpose-built apps designed for specific jobs and responsibilities for immediate team mobilization.


Business waits for no one. You either respond right NOW, or it's just not fast enough. The Power of NOW means giving your teams the capability to communicate instantly and collaborate immediately. You need to operate at the speed of business, and with Unified Team Communications you can meet your demands instantly, because if you're not in touch this second - you're out of touch.

Take this 5-minute assessment and take the first step towards joining the NOW generation. You'll receive a custom report designed to help you discover where your communications may be slowing you down... and what you need to do to join the NOW Generation.


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