L5Q Quick Deploy License Plate
Recognition Camera System

Learn About License Plate Recognition

See how License Plate Recognition (LPR) can help protect a community.
From helping to solve major crimes to deterring minor ones, quick-deploy license plate recognition systems help protect your community.

Multi-Jurisdiction Data Sharing

Public-Private Partnerships

Locating Digital Criminals

Providing Evidence To Solve Crime

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Easily and Affordably Start Scanning Plates

The L5Q License Plate Recognition Camera System is the best way to easily and affordably start scanning plates.
With this complete, quick-deploy solution, receive real-time alerts, conduct comprehensive searches and leverage advanced analytics to uncover new insights and operate more efficiently.

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Flexible Power Options: Solar or AC

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Built-In Cellular Communications

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All-In-One System Design

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Rugged Construction: IP66 Rated

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Simple Hot List Management

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Robust, Real-Time Alerting Options

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Comprehensive Search & Reporting

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Configurable Data Retention

Protect Your Community

Start proactively combating crime in your community today. By leveraging the robust law enforcement and enterprise data sharing network that comes with the L5Q quick-deploy LPR camera system, you can help ensure your communities are safe. Request more information to take the next step and redeem the limited time offer.

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