Public safety threat alliance

Recognized by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

The Public Safety Threat Alliance (PSTA) serves as a cyber threat intelligence sharing, collaboration and information hub for the evolving cyber security challenges faced by the global public safety community. The PSTA strives to improve the cyber security posture, defense and resilience of our members.

Why Now?
Cyber threats are growing in scale and complexity. Public safety organizations need dedicated information and intelligence-sharing capabilities to protect against cyber incidents.

Why Motorola Solutions?
Motorola Solutions' role as a leader in mission-critical communications and cybersecurity for public safety organizations gives us exceptional insights into the cyber threats they face.

Actionable intelligence for public safety cyber threats

  • Concentrated | We focus on the expert delivery of threat intelligence, information sharing, and managed defense
  • Capable | We provide end-to-end cyber threat intelligence and proactive defense solutions for public safety
  • Committed | We reduce the cybersecurity burden on public safety agencies so they can focus on their mission