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According to a recent Motorola Solutions survey, less than 50% of public safety agencies have documented security policies and procedures, regularly patch their systems, or conduct periodic risk assessments.

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Cyber Resilience Begins Within Your Organization

Most agencies understand it’s not a matter of if, but when and how they become targets for cyber adversaries. Yet, too often, cybersecurity approaches are primarily driven by the need to meet compliance requirements and deadlines. The ideal cybersecurity approach ensures a layered, proactive, and ongoing security posture. To get there, organizations must better understand their adversaries and stay up to date on their evolving strategies.

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Is Your Organization the Hunter or the Hunted?

Attackers hold the advantage. Attacking is faster and cheaper than defending and only needs to succeed once to inflict harm.

Often, the most impactful attacks will expand as they “dwell” within your networks. At this point, the attacker has outmaneuvered and penetrated your first line defenses. They are now operating undetected within your network.

“Dwell time” can be a vulnerable period or an opportunity for you to take a proactive approach. This is a time to be hunting for dormant threats and containing them before they permeate into other parts of your organization and its technology.

In this white paper, “The Evolution of Cyber Threat Hunting” helps you understand whether your agency has focused enough on people, process, and technology to detect attackers within your network. Just as importantly, it explains how you can transform this cycle of discovery and remediation into continuous improvement for steady-state security teams.

Can You Anticipate Your Adversaries Next Move?

Penetration testing is the most effective way to assess the real-world effectiveness of your technical controls, security policies and procedures in the fight to prevent data breaches. Our external penetration tests are ethical hacks of enterprise clients who have already implemented standard security best practices such as two-factor authentication (smart cards), identity access, management controls, restricted administrative privileges, and spam filtering.

In this report, we share the five most common technical findings and lessons learned across all of our external assessments. We reveal the weaknesses our testers exploited and offer vendor-neutral solutions for resolving each of these issues.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Motorola Solutions is here to help. We offer a full spectrum of cybersecurity services that tightly orchestrate people, processes and technology, centralizing your on premise and cloud-based mission critical technology ecosystem security.

Our portfolio includes:

Risk Assessment and Consulting Services

Penetration Testing

Security Patching

Managed Detection and Response

Advanced Threat
Detection and Response

System Recovery

Cybersecurity Training