Protect your organization with cybersecurity services to identify and prevent threats

According to a recent Motorola Solutions survey, less than 50% of public safety agencies have documented security policies and procedures, regularly patch their systems, or conduct periodic risk assessments.

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Both cyber threats and their defenses evolve at a breakneck pace. Yet, successful attacks exploit the gaps where defenses lag. While defenses race to catch up, adversaries double down on successful tactics, deploying them against their most valuable targets.

That’s why true resiliency starts with analyzing and understanding emerging cyber trends. To help your agency stay a step ahead, Motorola Solutions partnered with Cybersecurity Insiders to produce several reports that explore the latest trends and data points to help you benchmark how your own organization is doing.

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Threats to Public Safety 2021 Overview

In 2021, cybersecurity threats became more sophisticated, persistent, and widespread. Ransom demands increased 80% globally, while the fallout from extortion attacks increased due to the added technique of data theft.

In this report, our Threat Intelligence team discusses the threats frequently targeting public safety, what systems are at most risk, and recommendations on how to prevent and respond to these attacks.

Where does cybersecurity rank on your organization’s list of priorities?

Today, most organizations find it difficult to manage their critical security operations through internal efforts alone. That’s why, finding practical, cost-effective solutions to your organization’s cybersecurity challenges, such as managed security services, is becoming increasingly popular.

In this report, we share new insights from our “2020 Managed Security Report”. The report was sourced from a comprehensive online survey of cybersecurity professionals to understand the latest trends, challenges and solutions in managed security.

Are you confident in your endpoint security posture?

Endpoint security threats continue to evolve, with new types of attacks and methodologies emerging each year. Advanced detection, protection, and response capabilities are critical to deal with these complex threats against your critical infrastructure.

In our “2020 Endpoint Security Risk Report”, we share insights on the latest security trends, challenges and solutions for laptops, mobile phones, and other endpoints. The report was developed through a comprehensive online survey of cybersecurity professionals, along with custom research into the current state of endpoint security threats.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

We’re here to help with a full spectrum of cybersecurity services that centralize operations while helping your team better secure your agency’s on-premise and cloud-based mission critical technology ecosystem.

We tightly orchestrate people, processes and technology across our entire portfolio of services, including:

Risk Assessment and Consulting Services

Penetration Testing

Security Patching

Security Monitoring

Advanced Threat,
Detection & Response

System Recovery

Cybersecurity Training