Addressing Public Safety Challenges with Cloud-Based Solutions

Public safety agencies are facing a new set of challenges in this ever-changing environment. From dispatchers to patrol officers, records clerks to firefighters, and corrections officers to IT staff, public safety personnel are facing many of the same challenges in relation to managing their resources and public safety software. Learn how Motorola Solutions is partnering with our customers to help tackle their challenges and helping them be more focused on the moments that matter.

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Did you know that major city agencies are dealing with 100TB of body worn video per month? 300M police records can be found in data exchange, in addition to 10,000 public data sources. Learn how customers like Boulder County leverage the Motorola Solutions digital evidence ecosystem to more effectively capture video footage, instantly upload multimedia files from any location and quickly access content for review or redaction.

There have been over 300 cyberattacks on public safety agencies in a 24 month period. A quarter of these attacks targeted 9-1-1 centers. Learn how to protect your agency from the increasing risk of cyberattacks by securing data, applications and systems with best-in-class cloud security tools, experts and operations.

90% of PSAPs are looking for better product integration. 40% of PSAPs identify increasing points of failure and data migrations as a chief concern. Learn how your agency can accelerate workflows with unique integrations and consistent user experiences to simplify digital interactions and help your teams get more done.

Did you know that 40% of supervisor time is spent on administration tasks? Learn how your agency can easily evolve technology and adopt new features through constant, agile development and flexible deployment options to meet your needs, on your timeline, without disrupting mission-critical performance.

Motorola Solutions has found that 100s of public safety systems are left unsupported due to consolidation or end-of-life. We employ a highly experienced team of more than 1,000 cloud infrastructure engineers, cloud app developers, cybersecurity and compliance professionals and data scientists developing the cloud technology advancements demanded by modern public safety agencies. Learn how customers are adopting cloud-based technologies to maintain their systems and keep them current.

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Learn how to effectively manage challenges with an integrated, end-to-end software suite built for public safety.