Protecting the communications lifeline

Hear From Sumter County

When it comes to protecting over 135,000 citizens across an area subject to many man-made and natural disasters, Sumter County administrators knew they had to do everything in their power to ensure their first responders would be connected at all times. Hear directly from system administrators how investing in CirrusCentral helped to ensure uninterrupted communications service, all within a predictable and scalable cost model.

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Securing P25 Communications in the Cloud

Through the power and flexibility of the cloud, reducing the risk of network downtime is now easier and more cost effective than ever before.

Breaking Down the CirrusCentral Solution

Hear from multiple real-life users across public safety how their day-to-day has evolved

Stakeholder Buy-In

Hear how Sumter County was able to take CirrusCentral for a test drive.

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Strengthening P25 with Cloud Technology

Sumter County was able to establish true redundancy with little hardware implementation.

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Proving P25 Communication in the Cloud

Sumter County first responders experienced no break in service, and a seamless transition.

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Cloud Security

Cybersecurity was a critical piece to Sumter County’s decision to migrate to the cloud.

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