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The Industrial
Internet of Things

Unlock Intelligence Across Your Operations

Realize the limitless possibilities that are unlocked when you connect equipment, infrastructure, and people and leverage those connections across secure, reliable and expandable networks.

Take the interactive tour and discover how your water and wastewater operations can maximize productivity and safety with the Motorola Solutions' Industrial Internet of Things.

Water and Wastewater


What can you do today to reduce water shortage estimates tomorrow?
Imagine being able to continuously monitor and control every operation at water and wastewater facilities; you could promptly detect and resolve any problem and be automatically alerted of any malfunction or unauthorized use for fast and efficient response. Our Industrial IoT solutions can help you achieve these goals and a lot more.

Explore an IIoT enabled Water and Wastewater Facility

Waste Water Waste Water

Communications Without Boundaries

Ensure the water in your community is always safe for consumption with the right combination of monitoring technology and robust communication. Start by providing your workers with team communications that extend your reach well beyond cellular, and and enable communication without boundaries in critical moments. Then, augment it with intelligent sensors. When the water facility sensors detect a high PH level within a community water supply, they will immediately send an alert. Our ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) takes this data from the sensor and delivers it to the right personnel in the right format. Then the issue can be radioed immediately to notify quality operators to restore water quality.

Discover Team Communications


Get alerted whenever there is a leak. With our compact and versatile ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit, you can get the information quickly, wherever you may be, so you can fix the problem faster. Combined with team communications, your personnel within the plant will always be notified early to patch up the leak before it becomes a tragedy. And, you can enhance the data communication and processing you need without completely replacing your current operational technologies.

Water and Wastewater Solution Brief


Low water levels within a water tower can raise havoc in the entire community water system. Reduced pressure affects showers and drinking water faucets inside homes, street fire hydrants stop producing a strong enough stream of water, and the city's safety becomes compromised. How can you prepare to avoid these negative outcomes? Rely on our proven Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to support and keep your water reservoir at its ideal level. Keep your water tower sensors connected to enhance productivity and safety with the ACE Remote Terminal Units.


Your operators receive constant reports on water quality and leak detection of a wastewater facility. Make sure they are always ready to respond to incidents in real time. Leverage your digital two-way radio network for machine-to-machine (M2M) data services so your operators can immediately notify personnel to shut a valve when a leak is detected. Discover how the easy to deploy ACE1000 Intelligent Radio Modem (ACE1000-IRM) transmits data from operational technologies in the field, across land mobile radio (LMR) system to your enterprise applications.


Your digital two-way radio system, LTE network or a combination of both, are cornerstone technologies in keeping your operations connected. Extend the capabilities of these technologies to include all of your IIoT data communication for process automation and monitoring. Reliable and dedicated IP connectivity eliminates recurring commercial network charges and minimizes expensive hard-wiring, giving you a cost effective approach to improve your operational efficiency for increased productivity and safety.

IIoT brochure


Too much of a good thing can become lethal! This is the case of the chlorine that is injected into city water supplies to kill disease-causing pathogens. Any tampering into your control and monitoring systems could dangerously increase water exposure to chlorine and cause a widespread tragedy. In today's interconnected world, your systems have become increasingly vulnerable to unauthorized access through security gaps. Make your operations virtually tamperproof with an end-to-end Industrial IoT solution complete with the right network, devices and services.

Be confident that all points of entry between your computers, system servers, communications network and the outside world are secure. Limit points of vulnerability and prevent attempts to compromise any part of your systems with: security policy enforcement, authentication, access control, application whitelisting, intrusion detection system, unused port deactivation, TCP/IP connection, data at rest protection and AES 256 encryption.


Motorola Solutions' SCADA intelligent edge devices are helping Water and Wastewater utilities drive safer, more secure water production, distribution and usage. Discover how Western United States County overcame a multitude of challenges with the implementation of our advanced SCADA system. Learn how this solution enabled them to communicate over 4,752 square miles of treacherous terrain, securing their water facility and overcoming challenges faced today, making for a brighter tomorrow.


Transform your Water and Wastewater Utility with IIoT

In a world where every drop is precious, rely on our Industrial Internet of Things solutions so you can operate more effectively and be able to deliver the essential resource the world depends on.


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